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Guidance and mentoring programme: Guide is online in all partner languages

Guidance and Mentoring Programme: Guide online


The STEAM4LIFE partnership is happy to announce that the Guide from the project's Guidance and Mentoring Programme is now available online in all partner languages: English, German, Greek, and Slovenian!

Have a look inside!

The under-representation of women in STEAM has emerged as a significant focal point of concern in the European Union during the past decade. Despite the implementation of numerous initiatives aimed at addressing this matter, the problem persists, largely because of its complex and multifaceted nature, encompassing various stages of women's life cycles. A compelling body of evidence highlighting the limited engagement of women in STEAM disciplines can be discerned from university enrolment and graduation statistics, as well as from data pertaining to women's careers in STEM fields.
(STEM Women, 2021; 2022)